Leith Walk Out of the Blue

Vision for Leith Walk:

Leith Walk is the longest street in Edinburgh and the one with the most character. It’s one of the most multicultural areas in Edinburgh.

The students of Edinburgh University’s Sustainable Design Master’s Programme are learning “how to design sustainable, environmentally responsive buildings and neighbourhoods” and interested in “how imaginative design solutions can make more resilient and secure communities within existing cities”.

The Sustainable Design Students at Out of the Blue Drill Hall

They write:

We’re currently working on a project along Leith Walk, extending from the Playhouse to the Sea. As part of ‘Making the Most of Masters’ programme, we invite local stakeholders to be involved in this project. Our students will benefit from your experience, insight and engagement. In return, we offer new perspectives and fresh insights as to what a truly sustainable Leith might be.

Because this is an educational project, we explore and investigate in distinct ways. First, we will collect resources about Leith Walk and will represent these findings as a series of thematic cards and video presentations. We’ll present these to you for feedback, which will then be fed into the second stage of the work. In this stage, a series of models will illustrate general design strategies along selected sites. Presented as an exhibition, the thematic cards, videos, and models will provide the starting point for a series of more developed design projects sited on Leith Walk.

sustainable resources - leith community

From 10am Tuesday 29th May to 5pm Thursday 31st May, you may view the project at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall in Dalmeny Street. (There’s also rather good coffee, a range of teas, and raspberry ripple cake.)

The original date for the exhibition was today, but they weren’t let in to set up till the Drill Hall opened at 10. From what I saw at lunchtime, partly set up, it looks strangely interesting – well worth a proper look.

Particularly as material for discussion at the Open Space at Out of the Blue next week – What’s Your Vision for Leith Walk?

Tuesday 5th June, 6-9pm (cafe open)
Back by popular demand – and your turn to speak.

Greener Leith and Leith Open Space have teamed up to invite local people of all ages – everyone who lives, works, shops and plays in and around Leith Walk – to discuss questions about the future of Leith Walk.

  • What is your vision for Leith Walk?
  • How would you improve Edinburgh’s most interesting street?
  • First steps? (To happen NOW)
  • Grand designs? (BOLD ideas for the future)

A link to the discussion on visions for Leith Walk in March this year.

user’s guide to open space events

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