Circumcisions. 76% off.

Is Groupon legal for doctors? asks Deniza Gertsberg at

Some doctors see Groupon as just another marketing opportunity and offer discounts on elective or cosmetic procedures like liposuction and veneers. Others have rejected it as an unprofitable. Still others view advertisement on social sites that require customers to prepay for services as borderline unethical, citing concerns that there is additional pressure for patients to go through with a procedure when they are having second thoughts.

Michael Segal, a South Florida health-care lawyer, says Groupon may be outright illegal:

Because the websites keep as much as half of the patient’s payment, health attorneys say the online discounts could be interpreted as the practitioners splitting their fees or paying kickbacks to find new patients, which is banned by Florida and federal laws.

And The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has issued a formal statement

that condemns the marketing of medical procedures such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and other popular plastic surgery procedures on online discount websites like Groupon.

Former president of the BAAPS states, “This trivialization and commoditization of medical procedures is appalling. It seems to have come down to the level of loyalty cards, money-off vouchers, and even competition prizes.”

One might wonder, then, at what Groupon Phillippines are apparently offering:
Circumcision. 76% off

(Note: this Deal is available right now on their website – live for just over three hours more. The Cosmedics Treatment Centre referenced is a real business. This is a real thing.)

The Groupon site offers:

“Cool things to do in the Philippines at unbeatable prices!”

Just like a triple backflip, performing a circumcision on oneself requires a lot of mental preparation, is very risky, and cannot easily be repeated. Have a trained professional snip the tip with today’s Groupon: P1800 (P7500 value) for a circumcision at Cosmedics Treatment Center.

  • The Groupon coupon is valid for 3 months.
  • Limit 1 Groupon per person. (Most men would not want to have 76% of their foreskin removed twice, I feel.)
  • May purchase multiple Groupons to be given as gifts. (A truly … unique present to the man of your dreams, I’m sure you’ll agree.)

(This is actually true. I mean about HIV, not about the potato peeler.)

(As far as I know.)

Good night, Twitter, everywhere.

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