Music and coffee and cake

At Edinburgh Farmer’s Market sunny Saturday morning yesterday…

There was music.
The musicians at the farmer's market

And coffee.
Torchwood: Coffee

And Edinburgh Castle.
Edinburgh Castle from the farmer's market

And cake.
Cake! The Chirnells Farmhouse Kitchen

Lots of cake.
Northumberland cake in close-up

And scooters.
Private transport at the farmer's market

And ice-cream.
The Chocolate Tree ice-cream at the farmer's market

And music!
The players at the Farmer's Market, Edinburgh

And a very appreciative audience.
The audience for the musicians at the farmers market

Though what I bought was more mundane: asparagus and potatoes and tomatoes and cheese, a croissant from Valvona and Crolla to eat with Torchwood coffee, another croissant from Bakery Andante for tomorrow’s breakfast…

And then I went to Pulp Fiction for a cup of Edinburgh tea and some fictional crime and 70s science-fiction, and met their new sales clerk.

Pulp Fiction Pulp Fiction's Paisley Rabbit

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