Stirling Labour

From the Stirling Constituency Labour Party Website:

Stirling Labour Party members come from every part of the constituency and every walk of life, so if you believe that it’s time to take a stand against the Tories (and their Liberal partners) and time to take the fight for what really matters to the Nationalists then get involved by joining the Stirling Labour Party – just click on the link below!

The Sitrling Labour website

There’s a couple of videos too under Remember the Tories?

What Stirling Labour say they think of the Tories

As for the LibDems:

Well, in the very own words of now Con/Lib Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg:

“The day before I was elected leader, Mr Cameron suggested we join them. He talked about a ‘progressive alliance’. This talk of alliances comes up a lot doesn’t it? Everyone wants to be in our gang. So I want to make something very clear today. Will I ever join a Conservative government? No.”

Lib Dem Spring Conference in Liverpool, March 2008.

What Stirling Labour say they think of the LibDems for going into coalition with the Tories

Someone ploughed through the SNP manifesto and came up with 100 broken SNP promises:

What Stirling Labour think of the SNP

In the 3rd May elections, the 7 wards and 22 councillors produced 9 SNP, 8 Labour, 4 Conservative, and 1 Green, with 44% turnout.

So the Labour councillors went into coalition with the Conservatives.

The same deal happened in Aberdeen [Update: and in Falkirk]: Labour got 17 seats, SNP 15, LibDems 5, Conservatives 3, so Labour chose the Conservatives as their coalition partners. The Conservative Home blog describes this as

The good news is that the Conservatives are now the third party in Scottish local government with 115 councillors against 71 for the Lib Dems. But the bad news is that the Conservatives share of the vote went down 2% on when the seats were last contested and we lost 28 councillors.


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