Nope, still an atheist

Last night Edinburgh held the annual fertility and beginning-of-summer ritual, Edinburgh’s Beltane Fire festival.

Matthew Richardson:

“The performance has two main characters – the May Queen who represents the mother earth, and the Green Man who represents nature and the energy of summer. The festival takes the form of a procession around Calton Hill following the Green Man in his winter form, meeting various groups along the way, such as the Red Men and their Beastie Drummers. It ends with a ritual killing and rebirth of the Green Man, stripped of his winter guise and resurrected in his spring form. We then light the bonfire on the hill, representing the heat and light of the summer.”

People say Beltane‘s not what it used to be, but then… they always did.

I was not there. (The last time I went was in 1989.)

BBC Weather is set at Right Miserable for the next few days. So… still an atheist.

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