Ms is the word

Ms Rosie Campbell has put forward a petition to remove “Miss” from official documents (as the French have removed Mademoiselle). While the Daily Mail and other aggressive tabloiders would doubtless claim this means women “can’t” use Miss, there would of course be nothing to prevent a woman from doing so if she chose: but there is no reason why an official document or form should provide three options for women’s marital status – “Married, Single, and Mind Your Own Business” when all that’s needed is one, just as men have.

I would love to see David “Calm down dear” Cameron forced to engage in a debate on Ms.

Meantime, there’s this for guerrilla action:

When women of my generation (I’m 59) introduce themselves as Mrs or Miss, it sounds quaint to me. As for the unfilled field on the computer screen, why don’t we all opt for Lady or Baroness. It will screw up the statistics something rotten.

It would also make us all look like we were the denizens of a Gothic romance. We’d have really nice houses.

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