David Cameron: Give citizens more power

People have been shut out of Westminster politics for too long. Having a single vote every four or five years is not good enough – we need to give people real control over how they are governed. So, with a Conservative government, any petition that secures 100,000 signatures will be eligible for formal debate in Parliament. The petition with the most signatures will enable members of the public to table a Bill eligible to be voted on in Parliament. And we will introduce a new Public Reading Stage for Bills to give the public an opportunity to comment on proposed legislation online. (Tory Manifesto, page 77

The Drop the Health Bill epetition passed the 100,000 mark some time ago and is now heading for 200,000: it has 173,903 signatures as of today.

David Cameron lying about his plans for the NHS in March 2010

The epetition put forward by Dr Kailash Chand OBE that “Calls on the Government to drop its Health and Social Care Bill” is to be debated in the House of Commons today thanks to the Labour Party giving up its Opposition debate day, at the urgings of Andy Burnham. (You can watch the debate live from about 3:45pm on Democracy Live.)

If you want to let David Cameron and Nick Clegg know via their Number 10 twitter feeds that you want the government to drop the NHS Reform Bill, during the debate click here:

The Lib Dems want to help the Tories pass this Bill. While doing every little bit he can to get his party to support the Bill so that it will become law, Nick Clegg is publicly trying to claim that it’s honestly really truly just the Tories who are doing this to us, it’s not at all in the least anything to do with the LibDems that the Tories can count on 57 Liberal Democrat MPs to vote the Bill through. The Tories want their donors to get the benefits of this bill.

Almost every professional association of healthcare workers in the UK has come out in opposition to this Bill.

Andrew Lansley has to sneak into NHS hospitals with a police escort in order to avoid being barracked by NHS staff.

This is privatisation of the NHS, a top-down re-organisation to turn the NHS into a system as close as possible to the massive screw-up of the American system – and for the same reason: the US system is hugely profitable to Big Pharma, to health insurance companies, to their investors. A system which exploits the health of the many for the profit of a few is perfect cheap-work conservative ideology.

Though it will directly affect only the NHS in England, the knock-on effects will be felt all over the UK and by people from Scotland and Wales travelling in England.

And no: David Cameron does not want to hear from any of us about how we don’t want him to cut up the NHS and sell it off to his cronies so that they’ll donate more money to the Conservative party.

David Cameron's plans for the NHS

So how about – politely! – letting David Cameron and Nick Clegg know that you signed the petition and you want the NHS Reform Bill dropped?

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