North Fort Street. 5.45pm. Police.

Fort House with police cars from North Fort Street

This evening about 5:45, on North Fort Street (about 200 meters from Ferry Road) I saw three police cars. Two on the corner by Fort House, one on the facing corner by Lapicide Place. And at least five police. They were all gone about an hour later, established by cunning investigative journalism (ie I texted someone who I knew would be walking home about that time and asked).

Anyone got any idea what was going on there?

This has been your hyperlocal news query.

In other news, David Cameron does not know the difference between a month spent shelfstacking in Tescos and a month studying at university, which suggests his time at Oxford was totally wasted, as was he.

“We see this in the debate on education, put a young person into college for a month’s learning, unpaid – and it’s hailed as a good thing. Put a young person into a supermarket for a month’s learning, unpaid – and it’s slammed as slave labour.”

David Cameron was that student you see wandering dazed around the supermarket, staring thoughtfully at the text on the back of tins of baked beans. He was “learning”. I wonder what his essays were like?

“Bibble babble TOMATO KETCHUP.”

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