1.5 million reasons why the Iraq war still matters

Since the UK invaded Iraq in 2003, the biggest human rights crime committed by my country in my lifetime, I have voted Scottish Green whenever they gave me the opportunity.
Iraq Deaths Estimator

Tony Blair was guilty of an international war crime when he took the UK into war with Iraq in 2003. Whatever the Conservatives like to say now, they were even more gung-ho for war in 2003 than Tony Blair was: the sexed-up dossier that Downing Street produced was intended to justify the case for war on Iraq to the Labour backbenchers, not to other parties.

This criminal act does not condemn the whole Labour Party, much less all of the MPs, not those who were honestly fooled by the dossier and especially not the 139 MPs who voted against Blair’s war. But the Iraq war is a huge crime, a horrible blot on the party in government then who instigated it, and the party in government now who supported it. I stopped being an instinctive Labour voter in 2003. Prior to that year, in any election where there was a Labour candidate, they would have had the strongest claim on my vote. After that: no.

Today is the ninth anniversary of the day that 15 million people round the world – over a hundred thousand people in Glasgow – came together and said No to the Iraq war. And we were right.

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  1. Very well said, and well done for abandoning instinctive voting. The question is when the war criminals will be prosecuted. There is no statute of limitations on crimes against humanity.

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