Edinburgh Farmer’s Market from Edinburgh Castle

On Saturday I went to the farmer’s market.

Except first, I went to the Castle.

I’m a member of Historic Scotland, which means that I can get into Edinburgh Castle for free. And I’d noticed last time we were wandering round the Castle, that from the Western Esplanade, which you reach from the courtyard with the statue of General Haig on his horse (by the War Museum), you get a very good view of Castle Terrace.

So I stood in a queue behind other Historic Scotland members, group leaders, and pre-paid ticketholders who had booked online (it was shorter than the other queues, but moved very slowly), eventually flashed my HS card at the nice man, accepted a map of the Castle though I wouldn’t need it (no point explaining that I didn’t mean to spend even half an hour inside the walls) and then went up the narrow cobbled street to the second gate with the portcullis. (Which is permanently raised. They haven’t killed any invaders at the Castle in a long time.)

And there it is: the Farmer’s Market from the Castle:
Castle Terrace from the Western Esplanade

Then I left. It was noon. I wanted to get down to the Market before it closed and take some photos from ground level. Also I wanted lunch, and I was in luck: a new stallholder was selling hot cheese toasties with artisan bread. (They aren’t as good as the Seriously Good Cheese Toasties which are made with sourdough bread, Arran cheddar, and a chopped mix of leeks and onions; but it was hot and savoury and I’d just done a lot of walking.)

Edinburgh farmers Market on the ground


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