What’s your favourite bedroom?

I’m on holiday! So today and tomorrow you are getting a couple of posts I’ve been saving up for a little while to make at an opportune moment.

I don’t know yet what the bedroom will be like at the hotel where I’m staying in Perth. Tripadvisor says the hotel is comfortable, clean, if a bit shabby. And there’s a swimming pool! My three basic requirements for a bedroom are:

  • A nice warm comfy bed. (I invested in a memory-foam hypoallergenic mattress from the Bed Shop as my post-Christmas treat to myself, and I haven’t regretted it yet.) Obviously depending on the time of year, but I like cosy quilts, and lots of pillows, and a warm blanket to hug round me.
  • A good bedside light, bright enough for reading, that I can switch off from the bed. (I cannot understand how anyone can do without this. Reading in bed is a basic human right, people!)
  • Clean. Clean bedding, clean floor, clean furnishings. I have a dust allergy. Breathing is the most important thing.

My handful of further preferences are:

  • Close door, keep intruders out!
  • A moderately quiet and reasonably dark room. I can sleep through a lot, though.
  • Someplace handy to put my specs where I won’t step on them or knock them on the floor.
  • My cats. Nuff said, right?

That said, when I’m away on holiday I often just don’t care much about the bedroom. After all, how much time am I planning to spend in it? Very little, and most of it asleep. At home, I own a lovely comfortable 1930s Scottish double, with a beautiful headboard, and my bedroom is lined with books and the corners are stacked with plastic lidded boxes of zines and stuff, but the bed itself is comfy. My cats appreciate it a lot. (First sign of you scratching that mattress, furballs, and you’re banished and this time I mean it!)

Still, I stumbled across this photolist of 30 Beautiful and Creative Bedrooms, posted by abdurrehman, on XiteFun.com, and some of them, I have to say, are really gorgeous.

This isn’t really a pic of the whole bedroom, just the bed, yet it’s really a gorgeous bed, and the impression from those fluffed-up quilts and pillows is that it must be really comfy to sleep in.
Gorgeous wooden bedstead

This bedroom makes an amazing photograph – I love the shifting squares of light from the multiple windows – yet it doesn’t feel very cosy to me:
Bedroom with amazing square windows

And this one would make a great bedroom for a set in a sci-fi movie. Something like Logan’s Run. The idyllic set for the cosy home before the world melts or the vampires attack or you’re on LastDay, obviously.
bed with light around it

Look closely. This one is practically elvishly ingenious:
bedroom with living tree

An example (I feel) of how Girls Are Short-Changed. Of the following two, one is of a boxing-ring bed for a boxing fan, and it’s both clever and completely functional. The other is clearly a “fairy princess” bed (or worse, a Cinderella bed) and it’s pretty much non-functional, at least once the kid gets too big for it.
Boxing-ring bed
Cinderella bed

But this bedroom is really close to ideal. I love the window at the head of the bed, and the shelves within handy reach, and the bedside reading light. It might not win any “best design” competitions, but that’s the kind of bedroom I want.
Bed with bookshelves

…even though the thought of my own private personal swimming-pool right next to the bed would be very cool.
swimming pool bedroom

The full list of thirty that gave me the idea is here. The last two photos are separately linked from a different list.

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