This Will End Badly

Spiders are not actually evil. I understand that.

Nonetheless, the news that a scientist has overcome the “territorialism and cannibalism problems” that have prevented silk producers from farming spiders for their silk, by introducing a mutant spider gene sequence into silkworms…

According to the Telegraph

The GM silkworms spin tough fibres containing spider silk proteins that are more elastic and extensible, making it more suitable for use in a range of medical applications.

Sure, I bet that’s what they say.

Silkworms are mostly killed for their silk: they’re not actually worms but caterpillars that weave cocoons out of silk threads and are then dropped into boiling water to kill the forming silk moth. It’s a not an especially rewarding process for the silkworms.

Spiders are active hunters: they don’t weave their silk into cocoons but webs to catch prey. I’ve seen enough horror movies to know the narrative goes badly from here on.


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