Not Fare

Edinburgh to Glasgow, return fare… now £11.40. And over the next few years, due to go up to £14.

I don’t look for jobs that involve a rail commute any more. I can’t afford them.

“The increase in fares on trains is due to a change on Gov formula which sets regulated fares combined with inflation. Yet in spite of the steady zero percent growth, fares are set to increase between 8 and 13%. This will apparently reduce the subsidy paid by the tax payers, moving the burden to those who use the railways.” The Bloody Cheek of Fare Increases

While on the face of it logical – if you don’t use trains, why pay for them? – it’s the kind of  short-sighted thinking that would make everyone pay for the healthcare they use: you want a heart transplant? better start saving now.

Public transport is infrastructure. Whether you use it directly or indirectly, it benefits everyone to have affordable and easily available public transport.


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